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Major Medical

Please send July and August premium payment by 7/15/15 to avoid $50 late fee.

Telephone List:
<Blue Cross> Melinda Parkison (818)234-8509 Mon.-Fri. 9:00AM-5:30PM
<Part D> Blue Cross Customer Service (800)928-6201
 Eddie Kamiya (Agent)  (310)781-2069
<VSP>     (800)877-7195
<Dental Health Service>  (562)595-6000
<SCGF> (213)628-1595   e-mail: scgfblue@sbcglobal.net

SCGF Meeting Schedule:

06/02(Tue) 7:30pm
  Cabinet Meeting

06/07(Sun) 10:00am
  Executive Board Meeting

06/09(Tue) 7:00pm
  Publication Meeting 

06/23(Tue) 7:30pm
    Major Medical Trustee Board Meeting

Gardener's Pioneer Story by Seki Sankyaku

This book guides the reader through one century of the history of Nikkei Gardeners in Southern California, as told through the poignant simplicity of senryu poetry. Translated in English..  Published by SCGF.  Price $12.00.  For order, call 213-628-1595.


2015 PCO Seminar Schedule

6/21/15(Sun) 9:00am-12:20pm
9/27/15(Sun) 9:00am-12:20pm

Registration start at 8:30am.
Fee:  Member $10 /Non-Member $25
Please make a reservation 10 days before the scheduled date to avoid additional $5 penalty.
Bring your plastic identification card to insure proper credit.

Those making reservations should give their present license number so that you have an up to date license number list.  Some licensees received new numbers.

For reservation:(213)628-1595 or   info@scgf.org .


Computer Class

We have total of three classes.
Each class is held once a month. Instructor is C. Sawada.

Class-B Entry Level in Japanese, 3rd Wednesday(7:00pm)
Class-C Advance Level in English, 3rd Saturday(7:30pm)

For more detail, call SCGF Office

Photo Club

Next meeting is 06/14/15

Next Photo Contest: