Japanese American gardeners have been an integral part of the Southern California landscape.  We see the evidence of their labor, thousands of well-kept lawns and gardens, and hundreds of community beautification projects.
     But there is more to the story:  these same individuals were also the economic backbone of a whole ethnic community.  They created community-based credit unions, cultural centers, and Japanese-language schools.  Through their efforts, their children were able to gain college degrees and pursue professional careers.
    Here lies the mystery.  Why did so many Japanese Americans--reportedly up to 8,000 in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s--enter the field of gardening?  Why did some college graduates choose this grueling work, especially during the 100-plus degree summers, before and after World War II?  Who are these men and women?  And how were they able to make a desert green for the next generation?
    The book, GREEN MAKERS:  Japanese American Gardeners in Southern California seeks to provide answers to these mysteries.

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